Capturing Rain From One of Our Sheds

Capturing Rain From One of Our Sheds
These copper rain gutters are beautiful and help harvest rainwater!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

As Summer Solstice is rapidly approaching...

it makes me yearn for those long, lazy days of summer spent in my garden and reading good books! The reality is that my garden takes a lot of my time and attention and is completely worth it!! I will be planting my pumpkin seeds soon so that I have pumpkins by Halloween!

As the end of the month approaches we are installing one of our glass houses at a home in Cambria that she will use as an outdoor room for relaxation. The structure has such a great feel to it, I will be sharing photos of it next week after we install it.

We are moving our business later this month to a facility that has a reclaimed wood business that we will be able to collaborate with! So many positive and exciting changes going on right now!

Happy Summer Solstice to you all.....

Dana O'Brien
A Place to Grow
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