Capturing Rain From One of Our Sheds

Capturing Rain From One of Our Sheds
These copper rain gutters are beautiful and help harvest rainwater!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter marks the time for me to look forward to...

getting my raised beds ready for the spring planting of all things salsa- tomatoes, cilantro, onions, jalapenos you get the picture!

In order to get my beds ready for planting I have a little work to do. First I need to wait until my soil is no longer soggy then pull out any weeds that have grown over the winter as I let my beds rest. While the beds were resting, I have added a 1/2" or so of compost and raked it into the top 2' of soil.. I then aerate with a garden fork Assuming my compost has the right amounts of green-nitrogen rich  grass clippings, vegetable and fruit rinds from the kitchen versus carbon-rich brown materials such as leaves from the yard, dead flowers from the garden and shredded newspapers, then the ph should be pretty neutral. You can always test your soil to make sure you have a neutral ph before you plant.A trick when adding fall leaves to your compost is to rake them up, put them in a large plastic trash can and weed whip them until they are broken up. You want to do this otherwise they will create a moisture barrier in your compost pile/bin and take much longer to break down.

After the soil is ready, I test the drip irrigation to see if anything needs to be repaired before I plant. Planting is the last and the best part!!

I don't think I can wait till July for my tomatoes to ripen!!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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